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October 24 Finding deals is one thing, funding them is another. There are a handful of ways you can fund your next purchase. While all the exotic stated income and 100% loan products are long gone, there are other options available. Some require some upfront capital, but most of them require nothing more than a […]

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As a house flipper your job isn’t over until the property is sold. You can do great rehab work but until you are at the closing table there is still more to be done.  Every day that you own the property you are on the hook for the carrying costs and other expenses.  It is […]

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  Everyone in business makes mistakes. When you are self-employed your mistakes tend to sting a little bit more. Instead of explaining yourself to a boss, there is nobody to blame but yourself. Under the right circumstances a mistake can be used a learning experience. However, if you continue to make the same mistake again […]

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Beth is friendly, genuine, a good listener, with true integrity. She is pleasant, has an inner peace and confidence, that draws others to her.

She takes responsibility in the things she knows, and has curiosity in the things she wants to learn more about. She has a lot of energy, and likes to get the job done. She is a self starter, but not a self promoter, and allows others input, if and when needed.

I would, and have thought about using Beth for certain business transactions myself. I would and will recommend Beth to anyone I can for her business.

I have known Beth for approximately 31/2 years, working closely together, two to three times a week. I have gotten to know her well.

I use to teach nurses, and would have to evaluate their character, and skills. I am glad to be doing this character reference for Beth and her team, because I see the potential, and she is a quality person.

Susan Strohm

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